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Cute Cat Adventure 2016


Cat lover? Then this game is for you. Cat loather? These playful things will make you reconsider!Who creates chaos around the house and is still cute and lovable? No...not a teenager. But a fun, obnoxious little cat! You know what they say--when in a cat’s domain, do as the cat does. Enjoy all ten cat avatars, all unique in their own way. Do that characteristic cat thing where you tamper with humans! Dress up your cat using different accessories including boots, glasses and caps. How adorable! Play with and smash objects, because that’s a cat’s favorite thing to do.
Cute Cat Adventures 2016 Features:
•Several cats to choose from and dress up•Items to knock over and fiddle with!•Vibrant Graphics and Realistic House Environment with multiple rooms; a vast world to explore!•Indoor and outdoor locations, including a Playground•Play with and chase other animals--get CATTY!•Eat and Sleep to regain your energy•Complete exciting challenges
*MEOW* It’s a vast world to explore as a cute, furry four-legged animal!
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